A little about me

For over 25 years God has empowered Michael to produce nothing less than superior professional photographic, airbrush, graphic, web, and fine art.

With his distinct look and feel and powerful use of color and shape, Michael has and continues to re-invent himself in hopes of providing effective and aesthetically pleasing creative

Notable clients are Nelly, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Cedric “ The Entertainer”, The St. Louis Cardinals, The Lebron James Family Foundation, and Bentley Motors just to name a few.

Michael’s work has been viewed my millions internationally in Ebony, Newsweek and Automotive News Magazine. Michael lives by the notion that we are seen before we are heard, therefore looking your best, is not an option for compromise.



“Michael was absolutely amazing for my photographs! He took my vision for what I wanted to capture for my event and website and magnified it. He was professional and attentive to what we were trying to accomplish. I had pictures almost immediately, nicely edited and ready to share!”

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